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Theory of STT (Stable Traffic Technique) by Shuffleclick Technologies

Traffic generation based on STT (stable traffic technique) :

We incubate ideas in our incubating centers: These incubating  centers are only for internal research and planning and help every project for transforming the web in the targeted area of the market. Cultivation is our one of main process because we cultivate only those products or customers that profits the excellence from shuffle click’s site farming projects. The Idea of generating fake traffic, blackhat-SEO or other fraud practices are banned and illegal in everywhere in shuffle click we follow only those practices which are under the laws and white banner.

Stable Traffic Technique (stt) balances the traffic rate of each site farming project because the traffic is balanced by the customer requirement cycle and customer requirement cycle is a result of marketing cycle and vice versa. Thus Shuffleclick is the Renowned Farmer of Top Websites In the world. Shuffleclick Supports open source technology growth in the world for the betterment and awareness for the people and a world’s generation who are lacking behind in the race of maturing opportunities. On the other side shuffle click developing the new visions of designing and developing high end projects.

Stable Traffic Technique

Stable Traffic Technique

Content and keywords boost search traffic Content is king. The PAC has created more than 7,000 pages of high-quality content in the form of blog posts and pages, churning out 8-12 new, timely articles a week. This boosts the website’s rank in search engines and creates a large pool of keywords to drive search traffic. Of the top 25 most popular pages on the website, We created 19 exclusively for their keyword value. News items that are timely and which properly employ good keywords nearly always generate higher search traffic.

Social media rules referral traffic

Link trading, online directories, and links to supporters’ sites are fine, but produce poor results. However, popular social media sites have the traffic and “link juice” to make links work on a regular basis. Just weeks after creating a Facebook fan page, traffic began flowing to the PAC website. Better still, social bookmarking sites have created a bonanza of traffic. In December of 2009, Stumble Upon accounted for over 25% of total website traffic and remains strong to this day.

Newsletters drive direct traffic

Forget “build it and they will come.” we use a weekly, digest-style email newsletter that provides links to current blog posts, events, and affiliate products. The newsletter goes out on Tuesday morning and creates a spike in web traffic that lasts for 48 hours. Featured articles always get higher read counts. Articles not linked to show low read counts. By every metric, traffic increases dramatically when people are “pushed” to the site. To be fair, a good deal of traffic comes from direct searches for the PAC. And this can be attributed to the printed literature distribution, media coverage, and live events. However, these sources generally have their origin online. I use online tools to encourage literature distribution, attract media coverage, and fill the seats at events.


ShuffleClick Technologies has Announced Upcoming Businesses in the World

The Main ShuffleClick Technologies Business List is given below :-

99f(1)99f is a free URL shortening service  in which one will be paid to share your links on the Internet!

  99factors enables you to get found by anyone anywhere searching for your factor.

  Social networking with real estate make this portal a fresh  and unique  concept with mature results.

  The easiest way of gaining knowledge by the virtual rooms,3d animation presentations,teachers tutorials,dedicated teacher on the globe.

  Upload your content on the largest distribution network in the world. Appaload is the central destination to submit and share your data on the Cloud.

  The bawlitrade is a brand of the cheapest items with the highest quality. People feel rich by getting nice deals within appropriate budget.

  The First corporate based site that is taking the side of logic rather than syntax but our beloved users are finding strong syntax behind super strong logics in computer software to firmware world.

  Is one of the largest online girls social networking website where there are more than millions of beautiful  girls around the world.

  Software training & tutorial video library. Our online courses help you learn critical skills. Free access & previews on hundreds of tutorials.

  Crazy things on web via CRAZY social networking.

  Provide you for recipes, cooking tips, and how-to- cook  food videos. All rated and reviewed by millions of home cooks.  Best place for housewives and chefs from all around the world.

  Discover the music of  your favorite artist, song or composer and Bollywood Songs. Play Free Games, Download Celebs Wallpapers, Ring Tones, Games, Softwares. Live music stream from the top dj’s of the world.

  Is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. It is a simple free cloud storage service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to store, backup, collaborate unlimited online storage, syncing and file sharing with others.

  Offers users the ability to upload, download and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios. The user may share and upload the presentations in pinsmooth style.

  Helps you in writing, sharing and uploading your most important documents like legal, executive, corporate,college,school,research papers and almost every document you can think about.

  Is a micro Job Site – Alternative Marketplace. Make Money Online Micro Job and Micro Entrepreneurship for Indian Collaboration.The place for people to share things they’re willing to Do things for $1 – $5.

  Is a cloud operating system for corporate, small businesses, organizations, universities and for individual people as well. One just needs an internet compatible device and your brain memory of douplets username and password to get started with your work.

  An hourly deal site that will force you to buy the attractive deal on dreamerslint.

  Easily find your best product out of thousands of varieties, share them with your friend on almost all top social networks and then shop if you find a nice number of thumbs up for your choice.

  Covering the world of fashion, designers, models, celebrities, beauty, and shopping. It will provide a comprehensive  runway reviews, images, videos, and insider. Create custom T-shirts, personalized shirts and other customized apparel at FashionBill.

  Tour and travel agency.

  The live stream of best funfully content from the globe. You can set this site as a TV output on your TV and take the gigs and laughs for whole the day free of cost.

  E-mail marketing portal.

  The Platform that  buy,sell & lease only high quality meaningful websites after manual verification that makes sense for investors and our worldwide customers.

  A search engine optimization & an internet marketing company specializing in unique white hat SEO and SEM services. Its an Easy, Reliable, Proven and Safe service.  Makes Domain Registration fast, simple, and affordable.

  Find the job that’s right for you. Use JobeHub’s resources to create a killer resume, search for jobs, prepare for interviews, and launch your career.

  Is a web based file transfer site built for people , users can do all – download, upload, remove files – via the Web .It  offers the best online file storage, with cloud storage solutions for Internet backup, file sharing, secure FTP hosting, and secured web folders.

  Make your own free website with photos, videos and e-Commerce.

  Users can use letike as master workstation,managed online presence,company portal, Internal Secured Social Networking Rich Features and a lot more/master dashboard

  Help to make people’s life lighter than before by managing their interests/disinterests on interest board with eye-popping features available on lightinterest.

  Is an innovative high quality low bandwidth interactive video communication solution for multipurpose use including Web Conferencing.

  Macrodos provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors, the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages, and much more.

  The Global Site that exposes the real face of any news, “with the people for the people” is a one line slogan of

  Is a unique site that delivers the training material for entrepreneurs and small company business owners.

  Me On Doc is a golden tool for Writers,authors and anyone who wants to write anything via excellent approach of professional writing.

  Social media news that directly effect the breath of internet & technology.

  Master social freelancing cloud operating system is where the networks do social freelancing by using cloud operating system.

  Will find the best Affiliate programs and products to join and make money. A large Multilevel network with thousands of skilled marketers (based on grades ) and best range of creative products that makes viral marketing tricks more easier for our marketers and product publishers both.

Makes teens feel confident and beautiful by analyzing them on their own. personal development. online consulting, discussions, portfolio analysis, trainings and much available live for teens to learn and enjoy their best in all of them.

  Reveals the real truth of upcoming websites like statistics of their SEO and executional processes.

  Is an affiliate network based on a percentage per lead. Affiliates can fix more commission percentage if sales increase rapidly based on number of leads.

  Combination of open source technology with our innovative BUSINESS MODELS where 1000s of business plan can help anyone to achieve the origin in business

  Is the first platform that helps and manages almost every type of businesses and help people to grow financially and socially both. Origingulf makes people happy and stress free.

  Worlds first variations via human search behavior based search engine.

  Free software download and upload, The biggest software directory for freeware and shareware download at

  Is an online photo sharing network in beautiful layout . Pinsmooth provides online editors for editing pictures, presentations, video & voice clips in different formats

  Download and share Premium/free Themes, Plugins, PHP scripts, Mobile components, extensions, plugins, and CSS files from PinSoft and find them on your soft board – the best freelancing hiring marketplace on the internet.

  Is the central destination to submit,promote and share your any soft copy  with reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news, tech products, as well as free downloads and newsletters in highly rich user interface experience.

  Scrap’ it, ‘pin’ it and click ‘easy’ for sharing your all types of content that you want to show and solve with thousands of scrapers and pinners on unique Social networking Platform that is

  Is simply a crowd funding site for entrepreneurs. Categorized with venture capital and private equity directory with 5100+ firms worldwide.

  Is the home for high-quality media content and the people who love them for their creative and unique work. SeeVisual is a vibrant global social media platform where users can buy, sell , share & download their animations, video, graphic content and a lot more with latest technology

  The live business node creativity show, spinning wheel viral flow/training.

  Shufflemore is for those who want to feel the realm of futuristic interface and technology. Free presentation control, voice engagement, chat conversations, recorded sessions, multiple languages, screen sharing access via Internet just like sitting in live conferencing future rooms.

  The community blog of shufflers series that define their roles in shuffleclick.

  Email marketing from SinkingHole like sending email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders etc.

  Is the Finest online friendship making site in the world that depends on your softinterest for making friends. Millions of people that are soft inside.

  News site for social media. softsharenews captures top news of the world and blend them on each other to find conclusions.

  Is among worlds top marketing networks that provides performance-based online marketing solutions. So I Got is providing pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs for webmasters and young entrepreneurs.

  Is a free URL shortening service with a twist and get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for an account and start shrinking.

  Starvingjoe selects the poshe and public figures to focus upon their ving and joe’s. It facilitates world to connect with top personalities of the world on different factors.

  Makes people more adventurous and blissful with lakhs of online games and offers real live game competitions and much more to learn and earn via games.

  Takes your marketing efforts to a new level of success via root. You can gain more profits for more creative techniques available on viaroot.

  The gulf of trend providing quality videos that entertains you by analyzing  videos what you want to see and delivers a wide range of quality videos from the world.

  The best gate to open your virtues,an affiliation network that delivers training and practices of the affiliated practices and live marketing on the same platform.

  Vision origin makes people think about their vision.

  Corporate Social Network for companies and their network  that introduces Cloud Computing for Human Resource by providing Speed,Flow and Accuracy  with thousands of Interesting Widgets.

  World’s Finest Freelancing Platform creates thousands of online jobs every day.Equipped with almost all latest features in web 2.0.

Web Design Company  shuffle your click ! Excellence delivered !

Shuffjazzing Graph Introduction from ShufflecClick Technologies

Shuffjazzing Graph

Shuffjazzing Graph

The Power of going Virally on intranet network as measured in unit time per unit pings as jazz, by ultra shuffling traffic technique  through STT i.e. Stable Traffic Technique, in order to get the best flexible pricing strategy for our beloved customers/visitors on shuffleclick’s entire range of services in all products and the world’s most powerful network arrangement for best legal online marketing. This Generates a huge requirement of employment opportunities worldwide.

Shuffjazzing is the shuffling of user activities parallel with other users by websites via  which is later converted into facts to money on .

The shuffjazzing graph is derived from sociogram but sociogram is not able to predict the user activities in any sense while shuffjazzing fulfill all the needs and data for making machine intelligence to the next level on world wide web via determining human behavior probabilities based on their activities around the online networks and shuffjazzing enabled devices e.g. Any device having internet access functionality and if it has a camera and speaker and microphone than your device will become your closest friend for ever by suggesting you everything as your secret best friend.  Shuffjazzing graph shows relation between 99Factors of human behavior and Web spots via using the power of Master Social Freelancing Cloud Operating Network (MSFCON).

Where in Shuffjazzing graph, web spots and all 99factors are considered as nodes and connected with each other via edge. All 99factors nodes have vertex power to mold the shuffjazzing path between two and more webspots node.