Shuffjazzing Graph Introduction from ShufflecClick Technologies

Shuffjazzing Graph

Shuffjazzing Graph

The Power of going Virally on intranet network as measured in unit time per unit pings as jazz, by ultra shuffling traffic technique  through STT i.e. Stable Traffic Technique, in order to get the best flexible pricing strategy for our beloved customers/visitors on shuffleclick’s entire range of services in all products and the world’s most powerful network arrangement for best legal online marketing. This Generates a huge requirement of employment opportunities worldwide.

Shuffjazzing is the shuffling of user activities parallel with other users by websites via  which is later converted into facts to money on .

The shuffjazzing graph is derived from sociogram but sociogram is not able to predict the user activities in any sense while shuffjazzing fulfill all the needs and data for making machine intelligence to the next level on world wide web via determining human behavior probabilities based on their activities around the online networks and shuffjazzing enabled devices e.g. Any device having internet access functionality and if it has a camera and speaker and microphone than your device will become your closest friend for ever by suggesting you everything as your secret best friend.  Shuffjazzing graph shows relation between 99Factors of human behavior and Web spots via using the power of Master Social Freelancing Cloud Operating Network (MSFCON).

Where in Shuffjazzing graph, web spots and all 99factors are considered as nodes and connected with each other via edge. All 99factors nodes have vertex power to mold the shuffjazzing path between two and more webspots node.


4 thoughts on “Shuffjazzing Graph Introduction from ShufflecClick Technologies

  1. Rohit

    Shuffjazzing graph is really holding your real-life graph…its more like your virtual life graph and these are too totally different graphs.


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