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Theory of STT (Stable Traffic Technique) by Shuffleclick Technologies

Traffic generation based on STT (stable traffic technique) :

We incubate ideas in our incubating centers: These incubating  centers are only for internal research and planning and help every project for transforming the web in the targeted area of the market. Cultivation is our one of main process because we cultivate only those products or customers that profits the excellence from shuffle click’s site farming projects. The Idea of generating fake traffic, blackhat-SEO or other fraud practices are banned and illegal in everywhere in shuffle click we follow only those practices which are under the laws and white banner.

Stable Traffic Technique (stt) balances the traffic rate of each site farming project because the traffic is balanced by the customer requirement cycle and customer requirement cycle is a result of marketing cycle and vice versa. Thus Shuffleclick is the Renowned Farmer of Top Websites In the world. Shuffleclick Supports open source technology growth in the world for the betterment and awareness for the people and a world’s generation who are lacking behind in the race of maturing opportunities. On the other side shuffle click developing the new visions of designing and developing high end projects.

Stable Traffic Technique

Stable Traffic Technique

Content and keywords boost search traffic Content is king. The PAC has created more than 7,000 pages of high-quality content in the form of blog posts and pages, churning out 8-12 new, timely articles a week. This boosts the website’s rank in search engines and creates a large pool of keywords to drive search traffic. Of the top 25 most popular pages on the website, We created 19 exclusively for their keyword value. News items that are timely and which properly employ good keywords nearly always generate higher search traffic.

Social media rules referral traffic

Link trading, online directories, and links to supporters’ sites are fine, but produce poor results. However, popular social media sites have the traffic and “link juice” to make links work on a regular basis. Just weeks after creating a Facebook fan page, traffic began flowing to the PAC website. Better still, social bookmarking sites have created a bonanza of traffic. In December of 2009, Stumble Upon accounted for over 25% of total website traffic and remains strong to this day.

Newsletters drive direct traffic

Forget “build it and they will come.” we use a weekly, digest-style email newsletter that provides links to current blog posts, events, and affiliate products. The newsletter goes out on Tuesday morning and creates a spike in web traffic that lasts for 48 hours. Featured articles always get higher read counts. Articles not linked to show low read counts. By every metric, traffic increases dramatically when people are “pushed” to the site. To be fair, a good deal of traffic comes from direct searches for the PAC. And this can be attributed to the printed literature distribution, media coverage, and live events. However, these sources generally have their origin online. I use online tools to encourage literature distribution, attract media coverage, and fill the seats at events.