Web Hosting

Today technology has changed our lives. Methods to do the work have changed. Now it has become easy to connect to the whole world with a single click through the web services. One such service is a web hosting service. We at ShuffleClick offer this service to our clients. We help companies to access their websites. Space on the server is offered by web hosting companies either on lease or that may be owned by them. The Web Hosting Company focus on up gradation of the hosting programmers as they are important for growth of the business. Clear and accurate knowledge of web hosting services are essential before starting an online business. It is a web hosting that may make or break the business.

Market of web hosting is also wide. There are many web hosting companies that offer their services either free of cost or at cheaper rates. We help our customers to popularize businesses on a large scale. ShuffleClick also offer better and cheap web hosting package to its customers. Some of the web hosting services is Reseller Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Colocation Web Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Web Hosting Services Are Beneficial For The Following Reasons :-

  • Helping business to promote on a large scale with the help of web services.
  • Offer job opportunities to the candidates as a reseller.
  • With the disk space person can person can save the files and upload codes.
  • Bandwidth
  • Get to know about the kind of customers accessing the website.
  • Can create several email accounts that increase reliability of the customers

Why We Need Web Hosting Services ?

Before knowing why we need this service it is better to know about the service. Web hosting is defined as a space on the server that is required to store the data so that the site could be accessed by the users easily. We at ShuffleClick offer this service to its customers to access the sites smoothly.

Types of Web Hosting Services Offered By ShuffleClick :-

  • Linux Hosting: various web technologies like ASP, Java are linking the business with the internet. Linux is designed for professional application. Linux is famous for its cheaper, strong and protected platform.
  • Reseller hosting: it is a service that is offered by the user who has already purchased it. The purchaser then rents it to the other users at a higher price. It is considered as a resell process.
  • Dedicated Servers: it is one single server that is dedicated to the website. Hosting provider offers its own processor, RAM and bandwidth capability. With this you can customize your own server.
  • Windows Hosting: it is one of the operating system platforms. With it’s user host website. For windows web hosting compatibility between software and hardware is important.

For further information we may be reached via our Contact Us Form or Email us at info@shuffleclick.com

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