ShuffleClick Technologies Private Limited is an online business model core Consulting and Outsourcing, Web Technology and Online Marketing company in Noida (NCR Delhi) founded in 2011, with more than 5 Lakh employees projection of multi-tier organizational model in India in the coming year. Our multi-tier organizational model is designed to support poverty and increasing the saturation of internet technology by providing them a great future via Cloud Power with true earnings with outstanding directions. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across internet industry and business functions to related domain, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, ShuffleClick collaborates with clients in a unique way to help them in delivering excellence in their businesses.

Our Initial Management Team of ShuffleClick Techologies:-

  • ADT SalvationChief Executive Officer,
  • Nandita SharmaCreative Execution Analyst,
  • Ruby SinghGlobal Strategy Head,
  • Renu ChoudharyGlobal Business analyst,
  • Rohit ParmarGlobal Marketing Operations Head.

Mission of ShuffleClick is to increase the pay per capita income of targeted countries. Over the past two years, ShuffleClick has made significant advances, developing its core business significantly. Research and development work have grown due to Core Training sessions based on creativity increment with selected employees called Shufflers.

Vision Statement : ShuffleClick Technologies believes in Excellence and Innovation and this is the reason we continuously endeavor to facilitate businesses from zero to excellence. Shuffling the destinies of the top minds with top online businesses by automating traditional processes that facilitates the safe and happy stay on earth for humanity by integrating technology in ShuffleClick business models & plans.
Mission Statement : The mission of ShuffleClick is to increase the pay per capita income of targeted countries for the upliftment of their economies by providing the best technological advancements and innovations in easiest and affordable form. If anyone deserves , person will shuffle the click towards blissful life.
Company Goals and Objectives : Goals are destinations – Internet is an infinite pool of leads and potentials. ShuffleClick aims to create a benchmark for itself in the IT World, Consulting, Industries, Technology and Outsourcing by delivering excellence.
Success Statement
  • Be creative
  • Think intelligently
  • Follow the rules that are not meant to be broken.
How We Work?
ShuffleClick eyes on to deliver excellence in the field of Technological Core consulting in Online Business Models & Plans ,Core Outsourcing in arranging patterns of online business models & plans by surrounding and arranging our clients each and every tension by automating it on cloud  and make it ultra smooth for required result i.e Web Designing, Web Hosting, Web development, Online marketing, Data Mining, Enterprise Architecture , implementation on SOA (Service Oriented Architectures). The Company provides services with the support of latest technology with untraditional methods from the research and development field of shuffleclick.
What We Sell?
We do website farming to develop the Online Presence in less time period and amount. ShuffJazzing is the other service that is another innovation of shuffleclick , shuffjazzing is the Secured Social Graph and much more powerful than traditional social graph implementation and visualization. One can’t compare social graph and shuffjazzing. It’s related to the in depth information of the users activity on websites network and makes machine intelligence more accurate to predict users upcoming requirements, habits, behavior and much more. Our MSFCOS ( Master Social Freelancing Cloud Operating Network) includes the site that relates to real estate, e-learning site, social networking sites and much more. Website Farming is our continuous in house process of developing superior products (Websites) for our beloved users without any threat of data leakage on www(world wide web).  We offer the services that provide opportunity to the people of each age group to utilize their skills/factors and convert them in their earnings in easiest form.
Why shuffleClick?
  • ShuffleClick’s Key Value Propositions.
  • Finds the all unique skill set at ShuffleClick that will shuffle your idea/work to reality.
  • We have 7 years of experience in arranging, creating, developing, marketing and running businesses from zero to excellence.
  • We offer quality services based on Excellence Cycle that built for believe in delivering satisfaction.
  • Worked on various projects on various business types and do price negotiations only in new challenge under R&D dept. Because ShuffleClick is only who really love and appreciate the challenges from its core herd.
  • We provide cost effective and excellent web interfaces/projects and processes that collectively runs your business of any kind in the online world because we hire only smarter people and trained them for their creativity increment.
  • In the corporate world if deadlines are not deadlines then business will never flourish with required acceleration so delivering Project on-time is the habit of shuffleClick that we enjoy every time we make anyone smile and satisfied.

“Excellence Delivered”


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